Another Corruption Scandal of the Aliyev Family Revealed: Süddeutsche Zeitung


On September 19 the Süddeutsche Zeitung published an article entitled “Azerbaijan’s Connection with the Member of Bundestag of CDP”. The newspaper revealed that Karin Strenz, a member of Bundestag, received money from a firm, Armenpress reported. The firm has been set up by Eduard Lintner, a former German MP and lobbyist for Azerbaijan. Karin Strenz was elected in 2009. She is known as a lobbyist for Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev’s picture is on the homepage of her website. The German Bundestag elections are coming up, and Karin Strenz hopes to be reelected for the third time. In her website, Karin Strenz informed that she received 7500 euro in 2014 and 15,000 euro in January 2015 from Line M-Trade for additional work. According to the official registry of companies incorporated in German Democratic Republic, the firm has been set up by Eduard Lintner. The Süddeutsche Zeitung informed that Lintner received over 800,000 euro from three suspicious companies during two years which were used by the Aliyev family. In 2014 Karin Strenz set up Extnet LLC together with some staff member of Company for Promotion of German-Azerbaijani Relations, appearing as CEO and shareholder but no information is found about this in her official page on Bundestag’s webpage. A few month after incorporation Strenz handed over the management and her shares to her husband Kurt Strentz. Everything is crystal clear.

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