There Happened What Azerbaijani President Wanted. Now He Can Fire As Much As He Wants: Manvel Sargsyan


In an October 17 interview with Radio Liberty on the meeting between Serzh Sargsyan and Ilham Aliyev in Switzerland the political scientist Manvel Sargsyan said everyone was waiting for the issue of investigation mechanisms. Azerbaijan was in a complicated political situation for over a year. In Vienna, the mediators had called on the sides to put in place such mechanisms. Later the issue was further specified. The French president announced that sanctions may be used against the side which will breach the ceasefire. The situation made Azerbaijan think what to do next. According to Manvel Sargsyan, Armenia backtracked in Geneva. “Armenia was not going and could have not gone to the negotiations until that condition was met. Azerbaijan struggled whereas Armenia backtracked from this condition,” Sargsyan said. According to the political scientist, the statement made after the meeting in Geneva means that the condition that was a leverage in Armenia’s hand and restrained Azerbaijan’s military actions, sabotages was replaced with a statement by two people that they agree to stop shooting. “This is what happened. The card blanche has been returned to Azerbaijan,” he said. Speaking of the purpose of negotiations, he said: “One needed to understand why one was going. The Azerbaijani president knew why he was going, he was going to prove to the world that Armenia does not have such a demand. Why did Armenia go? This is the question of questions.” Manvel Sargsyan thinks perhaps this time a decision was made out of the interests of Azerbaijan and Russia. According to him, the investigation mechanism was a powerful tool that the international community has presented to Armenia for 140 victims, and turning this down may have bad consequences. Manvel Sargsyan said the negotiation in Geneva was a defeat for Armenia because there happened what the president of Azerbaijan wanted. According to him, Azerbaijan is told that as long as they fire, there will be no negotiations. Now Azerbaijan can feel free to fire as much as it wants to.

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