National Security Service Reveals Scandalous Information About EX-President’s Nephew VIDEO


Narek Sargsyan, ex-president’s nephew, and Artem Petrosyan have been declared wanted

The National Security Service received a report on a major batch of drugs and weapons hidden in an apartment on Arami Street. The apartment belongs to Narek Alexander Sargsyan, 31. The National Security Service officers ambushed the street for days and arrested Serob Sahakyan and Vladimir Shahinyants on 25 June 2018 when they were leaving one of the buildings with suitcases.

Serob Sahakyan is a close friend of Narek Sargsyan who possesses drugs and weapons. Recently he drew the attention of the law enforcement agencies for his assistance to Narek Sargsyan.

In the result of investigative actions it became known that Narek Sargsyan and his bodyguard Artem Petrosyan left for Moscow on 22 June 2018 and intended to leave Moscow for a European country. Before leaving Armenia Sargsyan handed the key of his apartment on Aram Street through his bodyguard. On June 25 he asked Sahakyan to take two suitcases from his apartment to another place.

Vladimir Shahinyants and Serob Sahakyan were searched, and in their suitcases cocaine and meth, 4 revolvers, including one with a silencer, ammunition, unlabeled pills, glass and plastic pipes with whitish and black stains, droppers which most probably were used for using drugs, and other objects were found.

The weapons have been sent for examination to find out if they have been used in other crimes.

In addition, the National Security Service received a report that in 2013 Narek Sargsyan deceived one of the heirs of the artist Martiros Saryan. He reportedly took 14 drawings by the painter worth 280,000 USD and promised to pay 28,000 USD and invest the remaining amount in a casino and protect its operation. After getting the pictures Sargsyan broke his promise and refused to return the paintings despite lots of claims by the victim.

On July 4, the National Security Service searched the place where Narek Sargsyan is registered and found the stolen pictures, as well as115,000 USD and 27,000 euro in cash, expensive watches, a lot of golden coins and jewelry. The lawfulness of their acquisition will be checked.

During the search Narek Sargsyan’s father, Alexander Sargsyan informed that he had bought the pictures. He was interrogated about the details of the deal at the investigative department of the National Security Service and was interviewed face to face with the person who had reported deception to the police who claimed that Narek Sargsyan had deceived them and stolen the pictures. After the search Narek Sargsyan’s brother Haik Sargsyan was not invited to the NSS, he was interviewed at another law enforcement agency.

The pictures will be examined to check that they are genuine and to assess their worth.

The premises owned by Narek Sargsyan and expensive cars used by him were searched. A container with a substance resembling drugs with its kit was found in the metal box in his office in one of the premises belonging to him.

By the way, the aforementioned person who is known for suspicious deals and a lavish life style has given a Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4matic produced in 2017 to his girlfriend.

Narek Sargsyan and Artem Petrosyan are charged, they are wanted and will be remanded in custody, the National Security Service informed.

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