Ex-president Kocharyan Declared Beginning of the End


Ex-president Robert Kocharyan’s exclusive interview with Yerkir Media TV fragments of which appeared on the web first made one thing clear. He states that he will return to politics. Consider that I return, Robert Kocharyan says.

The key message has been uttered. Kocharyan returns to politics, which will be the beginning of the end of Kocharyan as a political factor.

Kocharyan is seen as a factor which unites the former system, and his return to politics is served “horror” for the revolution. In reality, Robert Kocharyan will not unite the former system but will unite the public against the former system or will unite even more because the unification ensured the velvet revolution three months ago.

However, there is one interesting thing. The velvet revolution is a multi-layer and diverse process in which significant groups and sectors of the former system joined and participated at different stages, whether secretly or openly. In addition, the so-called former system is not only the executive government or the parliamentary majority. The system was also multi-layer and diverse which made the picture complete.

Serzh Sargsyan had described the “essence” of the process in an interesting way in his resignation letter, highlighting “Nikol was right, I was wrong.” This important signal which drew a lot of attention had, however, an interesting continuation in which Serzh Sargsyan said that the movement in the street was against his office.

Sargsyan knew, of course, that Nikol Pashinyan put forth the issue of change of government, not change of Sargsyan. So why did Sargsyan underline that the movement was against his office? He actually hinted that systemic forces had been useful against Serzh Sargsyan in one way or another. Later on, from April 25 these forces started revealing themselves, including Robert Kocharyan on the Russian NTV.

When Serzh Sargsyan drops, the situation becomes relative, even after the establishment of “people’s candidate” in the position of prime minister because the different systemic groups with their open or hidden participation in the velvet process start operating in the new situation as per their interest and logic, and dissolution of the process of revolution matures.

After all, here is also the main motive of Nikol Pashinyan’s call for a rally on August 17, and the purpose is not at all exercising power, especially to Russia. Pashinyan currently does not need to show power. He has stated about open, frank and smooth relationship with Putin. Interestingly, he had a telephone conversation with Putin ahead of the rally on the 17th. And the statement about smooth and frank relations with Putin is not Pashinyan’s trick. He knows that such tricks with one’s relationship with Putin may cost a high price. As the Russian TV host Dorenko said about meetings with Putin, Putin is highly sensitive about further comments on his meetings.

Hence, Pashinyan was not playing and was not cheating and the telephone conversation with Putin ahead of the 17th is evidence to this. The rest underneath is the transition adaptation in which Nikol Pashinyan declared.

In this situation the issue of crystallization of the new stage of the velvet process comes forth because the crystallized stage against Serzh Sargsyan’s tenure is in the past. Here Robert Kocharyan’s statement about his return to politics on the eve of August 17 is interesting which will crystallize the revolution, not the counterrevolution. Kocharyan will be the factor which will not open up an opportunity for the former system but will deprive of the possibility of maneuver the segments of the former system which fitted in the process of the revolution in one way or another and were already making separate political plans.

Serzh Sargsyan left on time, Robert Kocharyan has no return ticket to political return He has no possibility to return if need be, he will expire even during his return, at the end of the day becoming the historically inevitable sacrifice for the unity of the system that has left.

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