Erdogan’s Slap to Putin: Sultan’s Violence


The Ukrainian press, referring to President Poroshenko, stated that Ukraine intends to buy Turkish combat drones. Poroshenko stated that these modern drones can be completed with high-precision rockets and destroy armored cars, engineering installations and marine targets.

It goes without saying why Ukraine needs combat drones and any deadly ammunition in general. Ukraine has such need only for the Russian direction. The relations with Russia have been hostile for several years now and the situation regularly gets tense.

In fact, Turkey supplies combat drones to Ukraine against Russia. This is happening against the Russian-Turkish “brotherly-friendly relations” that Putin declares every now and then and also spoke about it during his big press conference at the end of last year.

The Russian-Turkish relations are quite interesting in this sense. Moscow regularly “takes oaths” of friendship and brotherhood, and Ankara hits in the back unmistakably. Later Putin justifies these hits by statements about some “third hand” and gives new oaths of brotherhood and friendship.

When Ukraine, the United States, for example, decide to supply ammunition, such as anti-tank Javelins, Russia blames them for putting oil to fire, increasing tension, to so-called nourish the conflict. Of course, Russia never distinguished itself with self-blaming for arming Azerbaijan against the Armenians but it is interesting whether they will talk to Turkey for selling combat drones to Ukraine.

Or will Putin state during his next meeting that these drones are provided to Ukraine by a “third hand” to harm the Russian-Turkish brotherhood but they will not swallow the bait.

Erdogan’s upcoming visit to Russia has been announced where he will discuss with Putin the agreement onC 400 air defense systems, the situation in Syria following the decision of the U.S. president to withdraw American troops.

This decision has triggered developments, and at the same time caused tensions in the American-Turkish relations. The United States is looking for guarantees that Ankara will not harm Kurds. Ankara states that it is not accountable to the United States on this matter.

What is Erdogan preparing to discuss with Putin? Interestingly, ahead of this he slaps Russia through Petro Poroshenko. How will Putin respond? Will he swallow another bait or will he congratulate Gülen? This is half joke and the situation is serious indeed, considering that the main actor in the security system of the Caucasus has placed itself in the shoes of the lover of the Turkish sultan and not only does not oppose to this but also trains the Russian public to get used to this by broadcasting a series on the Turkish sultan on its Public Television.

It is another thing if Putin puts a soft pillow under the “sultan’s” head but for the time being the Russian-Turkish relations are distinguished for “family violence” by the sultan which is a serious threat to the regional security of the Caucasus in the long term.

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