Protest at Russian Military Base on Anniversary of Murder of Avetisyan Family


On January 12 protest took place near one of the military stations of the Russian military base on Shirakatsi Street, Gyumri City, on the anniversary of the manslaughter of the Avetisyan family. The members of the family were killed on 12 January 2015, and Valeri Permyakov, a serviceman of the Russian military base, was sentenced for life.

The purpose of the protest was to draw the attention of the Armenian authorities and the Russian military base leadership to the risks arising from the base. The tragedy of the Avetisyan family drew more attention but this is not the only crime committed by the servicemen of the Russian base. Last year, on December 2, Julietta Ghazaryan, 57 was beaten to death in Slabodka neighborhood in Gyumri. A serviceman of the Russian base has been arrested.

The demand of the demonstrators from the Armenian government is to exercise special surveillance around the military stations of the 102ndRussian military base and in case of necessary to build barriers, barbed-wire fence and fence, trenches nearby, equip with regular and night vision surveillance cameras and constantly follow the signals from cameras at the special control center, control the movement of servicemen, provide 24 hour patrol, authorize all movement and charge only upon preliminary notice and with accompanying police or military police.

The demand to the Russian authorities is to conduct regular checks of the mental and physical health of servicemen, food and living conditions, financial situation, reveal problems and resolve them, strengthen movement of servicemen. Another important demand is to notify immediately the Armenian authorities as soon as illegal or unauthorized absence of a serviceman is detected.

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