Unexpected Turn in Davos: What Surprise Did Pashinyan Give?


Davos took an unexpected turn for Armenia. The point is the Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting. At the same time, for the time being this meeting has caused big public interest in the participation of Armenia in Davos, represented by the first person.

This is clear, considering the importance of the issue of Artsakh for the public and for the nation. At the same time, such importance for the state makes think about looking at the situation from another angle, which means that for the issue of Artsakh there should be more interest in the economic outcome of Davos. What results will Nikol Pashinyan achieve after the velvet revolution by his first participation in this authoritative political forum?

After all, the objective of Armenia regarding the issue of Artsakh, including the republic of Artsakh, economic competitiveness, urgency, viability is to establish its creative role and importance in the international life. This objective requires hard work, long time and a lot of effort. However, the basis is the achievement of this objective which will keep firm the position of the Armenian state in the military, political and diplomatic sense of the word.

From this point of view it is important that the participation of Prime Minister Pashinyan in the forum of Davos appears in the sight of the Armenian public due to some significant event other than the Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting during the forum.

Nikol Pashinyan had several meetings, the possibility of several investment programs, interest of investors. Of course, such statements were with the Armenian public for years. Interestingly, currently the situation has changed, and the new government of Armenia is dismantling the coalescence of public administration and corruption, public administration and major businesses. No doubt the investors can also see this difference.

To say that this is enough for them would be ingenuous. In this sense, the new government needs to give additional and fundamental signals to foreign investors.

After all, participation in the forum is not measured by the number of investment agreements but networking when there may not be commitments to invest but there may be a roadmap of relations which may create the effect of investments.

With regard to participation in Davos it is also important whether there are specific agreements with investors which are related to very specific reforms by the government and clear guarantees that the investors will implement major projects in Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan informed the public through a Facebook live what the meeting with Aliyev is about. It is no less important that Pashinyan informs what his participation in Davos is about, what in Armenia surprised or interested and what results will surprise the public in Armenia.

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