Court of Appeals Will Public Decision on Armen Gevorgyan’s Custody


The Court of Appeals will publish the decision on the measure of prevention of the ex-deputy prime minister and ex-secretary of the Security Council Armen Gevorgyan on January 29. The court heard the motion of the Prosecutor General’s Office on the eve.

The Prosecutor General’s Office appealed against the decision of the first-instance court to decline the motion for remanding Armen Gevorgyan in custody. The counsel for the defense also partly appealed against the decision of the court. Gevorgyan’s defender Erik Alexanyan requested the court not to overthrow the decision of the first instance court.

On December 14 the first-instance court declined the motion of the Special Investigative Service to remand Armen Gevorgyan in custody.

The ex-deputy prime minister is charged with being an accomplice in toppling the constitutional order, bribery, legalization of assets obtained in an illegal way.

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