Question of Army Posed: Three Security Points


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with the minister of defense, chief of general staff and military leaders on January 26.

The meeting with the army leadership follows intensive foreign political days. Pashinyan met with Aliyev in Davos, had a telephone conversation with the advisor to the U.S. President John Bolton, Davos was followed by a visit to Moscow where Nikol Pashinyan made several important statements relating to the issue of Artsakh and other foreign political issues.

This cycle is completed by a visit to the Ministry of Defense and a meeting with the leadership of the ministry and the army.

During the meeting the prime minister announced that the armed forces of Armenia and the defense army of Artsakh are the primary guarantor of security of Armenia and Artsakh, improvement of the defense capability and its adjustment to challenges and needs of security is an absolute priority.

What does this indicate? Are there concerns about intensification and substantializing of challenges which the prime minister shares with the armed forces or is this a highlight along the foreign political process which is done not in the form of specific definitions for diplomatic and political reasons but in the form of a report to the army.

The meeting in the Ministry of Defense and the reaffirmation of two important points in addition to a statement in Moscow that Artsakh should be a party of negotiations and the Armenian government should not negotiate on behalf of the government of Artsakh make up the three points of the security and foreign policy of Armenia.

The meeting at the Ministry of Defense in Yerevan symbolizes the parallel lines of readiness for regular contacts and discussions and at the same time vigilance. In other words, how capable Armenia is to restrain and counteract to Azerbaijan in the military aspect.

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