Army Was Involved After State of Emergency: Ex-minister Ohanyan


“And who said that I am upset by the government. I am not upset by anyone, I hailed today’s reality, these velvet changes, the revolution. Not even in 2018, earlier in 2016 I said that our country needs fundamental changes which will enable fast progress,” the ex-minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan told reporters today who is charged in the March 1 case.

“You know what happened. Our judiciary are dealing with it, advocates are dealing with it, we prompt them what to do. Will they listen to us, good for them? If they don’t listen, we will try to continue our fight,” he added.

Ohanyan said that in the post-election period in 2008 the army was involved in the developments after declaring a state of emergency, after signing the order. “Evidence to this is the situation that there was no clash, no harm caused by the army. And it was a necessity because the objective of the army is security. And security is first of all the protection of special strategic objects the majority of which are located in the capital city,” Seiran Ohanyan said.

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