Putin Confessed: Armenia Must Get Ready


The Russian President Putin made his annual address to the Council of Federations of the Russian Duma. Putin’s address had a domestic focus though he did not bypass the possibility of shaking new and modern weapons. However, while last year the address focused on this, while experts were trying to figure out whether the videos screened were real or not, in 2019 the Russian president focused on economic, social and administrative issues.

In this sense, the semiotic expression of the message is that time limits are tight and there is no time for future.

This sounds like a confession and though the address was concluded with an affirmation that they will succeed by all means, his message was a reason for panic rather than a reassurance for the Russian establishment.

In addition, panic existed before Putin’s address. After all the establishment does not learn about the situation in the country from a speech. And the panic was quite visible from Armenia, in the form of an attack on Armenia through the mass media and experts, with panic about a “color revolution”.

At the same time, it was expected that Putin would reassure, curb anxiety, but the opposite happened, and he states that there is no time. Moreover, he has announced that Russia cannot exist without sovereignty, at the same time stating that they need peace.

This does not mean that soon the Russian politics will transform and become less aggressive towards its neighbors. This is not an issue. The issue is the transformation maturing inside Russia, and Putin’s domestic focus in his address is evidence that they are crossing the “red line” and Moscow is not capable of anything outside unless the domestic situation changes.

After all, this is what Putin was stating in front of the Russian economic and political elite, defining the price as the loss of sovereignty of Russia. In other words, the Russian president stated that anyone who stands up against him stands up against the sovereignty of Russia. This is not a new technique of propaganda but, interestingly, this message is addressed to the elite which is in panic, and now, in fact, it is forced to choose to get used to Putin’s plan or prepare for the status of threat to Russia’s sovereignty.

And the issue is whether the elite that can see the rapid decline cannot see what Putin has planned, how and at whose expense.

It is not accidental that hysteria about Armenia is very specific because everything is visible regarding Armenia when various experts and journalists in Russia are trumpeting the “color revolution”, they address it to Putin, with a sentence clearly read between lines: “How come you let this happen openly?”

Armenia is one of the key zones of the orbit of the Russian politics, one of the biometric areas of Russia, and the Russian policy on it has always been perceived by the Russian elite as the “cardiogram” of the Kremlin’s politics.

Simply they still do not dare to blame or doubt Putin loudly for “giving up on” Armenia, hoping that they will not be the next in line. Although, they were given up on in 2017 in Washington when the directors of the Russian special services left for Washington to meet with the heads of the American special services, after which Washington published the “Kremlin list” with Putin’s close ones but in fact they were those who are likely potential competitors as soon as time gets tight. On February 20 he announced that time limits are tight.

It is hard to tell how long it will last because there are many and diverse factors of influence but Putin has announced the start and Armenia must get ready to resist and benefit at the same time.

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