It’s Time to Give up on Outdated Principles: Artsakh Foreign Minister Mayilyan


The OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs repeated in their latest statement the principles and components that have been repeated many years. The OSCE CiO, the foreign minister of Slovakia Miroslav Lajčák told reporters after the meeting with the Artsakh Minister of Foreign Affairs Masis Mayilyan.

“Simply they did not remind about it during the year and they forgot about it a little. They expressed their opinion, said that the proposal is still on the table of negotiations. Our approach has been as follows: it is time to give up on the outdated principles, and new realistic proposals are needed. As to restoring the format, we can expect some progress. But it is impossible to expect progress with old approaches and non-participation of Artsakh in the negotiations,” Masis Mayilyan said. In answer to the clarifying question what he means by saying old principles, the principles of Madrid, for example, the minister said he means that the “principles and proposals made in the past 27 years are outdated and must be reviewed.”

As to the three principles and six components mentioned by Nikol Pashinyan during the joint meeting of the Security Councils of Armenia and Artsakh and whether Stepanakert thinks they are acceptable, Mayilyan said Pashinyan spoke about the necessity to clarify them. “We agree with this. However, we also speak about the necessity to review.” In answer to the question what exactly needs to be review, the minister joked: “It is a topic for a PhD paper.”

The former government says Nikol Pashinyan’s initiative to return Artsakh to the talks will thward the talks and is dangerous. The Artsakh minister of foreign affairs does not share the opinion that change of format may thwart the process of negotiations. “The new government of Armenia, I think, is constructive. They have announced that they will participate in the meetings because without the negotiations cannot be complete without Artsakh. Armenia does not put for the participation of Artsakh as a condition but says it will speak on its behalf. I think this is the correct constructive approach. And the mentioned concerns are one in a series of domestic manipulations,” Mayilyan said.

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