Artsakh Hasn’t Delegated to Armenia the Mandate to Negotiate: Yerevan is Satisfied


The joint meeting of the Security Councils of Armenia and Artsakh had a very important result. In fact, it was announced that Stepanakert did not give Yerevan a mandate to conduct negotiations on its behalf, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced.

“I have stated repetitively that the prime minister of Armenia cannot carry out such authority for the simple reason that the people of Artsakh do not take part in the elections in Armenia, consequently the prime minister of Armenia is not in the circle of the people authorized to represent the people of Artsakh,” Pashinyan said.

The president of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan said that the climate favoring peace is based on the three-party armistice of 1994-1995 which will be a significant spur for advancing the peace process.

Stepanakert reminds that in 1994 they did not give Yerevan the mandate to sign the armistice. And it did not give mandate to the former government of Armenia to negotiate on behalf of Artsakh. In fact, Armenia acted without a mandate.

There is no mechanism for delegating the mandate to negotiate. Logically, if Stepanakert considers it right, the parliament of Artsakh could delegate the mandate. In other words, the representatives chosen by people must state that the right to negotiate is delegated to Armenia, and then Yerevan will be able to take part in the negotiations fully.

Yesterday, however, the government of Armenia did not get such a mandate in Stepanakert, and the prime minister did not get there for it. The joint meeting of the Security Councils of Armenia and Artsakh was, in fact, needed to confirm the lack of that mandate.

Will Nikol Pashinyan afterwards take part in the negotiations with Aliyev, which will probably take part in early April in the United States? If the meeting takes place, after the meeting in Stepanakert it will have a different format. Armenia is not authorized to negotiate without the mandate of Artsakh.

The Azerbaijani MFA hurried to announce that Nikol Pashinyan, speaking about the “Armenians of Karabakh” and by calling a meeting of the Security Council in Stepanakert, thereby assumed authority to speak on behalf of Karabakh. In reality, it is the opposite.

Artsakh and Armenia may discuss the “national agenda” indeed and security issues but the keys to the Karabakh settlement and regional peace have always been in Stepanakert, and even those of Karabakh who came to power in Armenia and even those from Karabakh who came to power in Armenia were unable to get the keys and the mandate to negotiate. Stepanakert has not authorized anyone to speak on its behalf and at some point, when certain agreements were reached, the leaders of Armenia had to leave for Karabakh and get another refusal. Thereby a lot of unhealthy agreements were aborted.

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