Dismantlement of Cafes Will Last 10 Days


The municipality of Yerevan started dismantling the cafes around the Opera House. The work will last for 10 days, said the head of administration of Center District Victor Mnatsakanyan.

“We finished today’s work, we have work for another few days, we will dismantle slowly. Tomorrow we will bring in more workforce. These trees are very important, we will bring special equipment to free these trees. The works will last for maximum 10 days. And at last we will have normal alleys and park at the Opera,” the head of administration said.

He explained why only 1 piece of equipment was brought. “We could bring 10 but we did not want to anger people,” Mnatsakanyan said.

He said that the police did not use violence against people protesting against dismantlement of cafes. He said people came to the Freedom Square and protested who might be members of different parties, have nothing to do with the cafes. “If it turned out that these people have been guided, the journalists and law enforcement agencies must deal with it. Some people come who are not related to the cafes,” the head of Center administration said.

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