Ex-president Kocharyan’s Custody Prolonged by 2 Months


The Court of Yerevan has decided to prolong the custody of the second president Robert Kocharyan by two months, granting the motion of the Special Investigative Service.

Kocharyan’s lawyer Aram Orbelyan told reporters that the court granted the motion to prolong the ex-president’s custody and declined their motion to release him on bail.

“The court stated that they ruled out the probability that he will hide from justice, so the only ground is that since now is the stage of studying the materials, there are risks of influencing the case. The court found that there is no reasonable suspicion on the count of bribery. But the custody is prolonged. Mr. Kocharyan was present at the session, the reaction was negative because other outcome was expected but he was calm,” Orbelyan said. Orbelyan said they will appeal against the judicial act.

The ex-president Robert Kocharyan is accused of toppling the constitutional order, as well as receiving a major bribe.

The counsel for the defense stated later this evening that the court did not address several arguments presented by them, in particular the justification that the decree on the state of emergency signed by the president was legitimate, in line with the Armenian legislation, stemmed from the authorities of the president. Another argument that, according to the counsel for the defense, the court did not address the presidential immunity, despite their justification that the president has immunity and denying immunity at this stage is a violation of the presumption of innocence.

On 1-2 March 2008 the protests against the rigged elections were clamped down, and ten people were killed. The investigation found that the army was deployed against protestors.

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