Mihran Poghosyan Found: Who Is Next?


The director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan said it is known where the ex-member of parliament, the former head of the Service for Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts Mihran Poghosyan is. He did not disclose his place though. Mihran Poghosyan is accused of misuse of public funds. The court has issued a warrant to remand him in custody, he is declared wanted.

Mihran Poghosyan’s office has issued a statement trying to communicate that Poghosyan is not hiding and the information that the National Security Service has is not “special” information. The office has stated that Poghosyan is in Moscow, and published his address with an “everyone knows” tone.

Russia seems to have become the “last refuge” of the representatives of the former ruling system of Armenia. It is interesting whether Mihran Poghosyan is a citizen of Armenia or it may become known that he is a Russian citizen and therefore cannot be extradited. The ex-minister of defense Mikayel Harutiunyan’s case gives at least one reason to raise such a question. Mikayel Harutiunyan who is involved in the case of March 1 turned out to be a citizen of Russia and therefore was appointed to the position of minister of defense unlawfully. Mikayel Harutiunyan is hiding from the investigation of March 1 in Russia. In addition, the Russian law enforcement agencies announced that the search for him does not apply in the territory of Russia.

Another key person involved in the same criminal case, Vahagn Harutiunyan who headed the investigation during the former government, is also in Russia.

There is no information about his citizenship yet but it is not known what are the prospects to return him to Armenia.

Another fugitive is the former minister of environmental protection Aram Harutiunyan. Is his place known and is he also hiding in Russia?

On the other hand, a “pattern” seems to be outlining. Everyone who is hiding in Russia is “hiding” openly. Apparently, this is so because Russia does not “hide”, it either hands, like it handed the leader of the Talish people to Azerbaijan, or grants them asylum demonstratively, showing its so-called influence or superiority.

Moreover, currently Russia needs some of this in its relations with Armenia. The point is that after the April war Russia needs to deal with Armenia “officially” because the war revealed the Russian policy on Armenia for everyone.

While the illegitimate system existing before the velvet revolution, as well as the issue of noiseless re-election of Serzh Sargsyan in 2017-2018 significantly weakened Russia, after the velvet revolution it became much more difficult for Moscow to talk to Armenia with “official superiority”.

The need for the so-called “devious language” occurred, and the “high-ranking fugitives” added to the applied information-propaganda tool or, for example, Robert Kocharyan. The series was completed by Mihran Poghosyan. Who is next?

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