Lavrov Is Using Mammedyarov for Two Aims


The spokesperson for the Armenian MFA has respondedto a statement by the Azerbaijani foreign minister that during the meeting of the foreign ministers in Moscow there was a discussion based on the plan proposed by Russia in 2016.

They also asked a question to Lavrov relating to Mammedyarov’s statement and he said he had nothing to add, actually seconding Mammedyarov. Lavrov said the details of those proposals are confidential.

The spokesperson for the Armenian MFA dismissed the statement and said the questions listed in the statement of the Minsk Group were discussed.

The question occurs why Mammedyarov and Lavrov made “synchronized” statements. By the way, Mammedyarov also stated that the next meeting of the foreign ministers is envisaged in Washington.

In the last meeting of Nikol Pashinyan and Aliyev in Vienna the agenda of the Armenian side was accepted in fact. About two years ago, after the April war, in Vienna, in the presence of the Minsk Group co-chairs Serzh Sargsyan and Aliyev reached the famous agreements on the investigation mechanisms which was but recognition of the status quo. It did not favor Moscow and Baku which immediately set out to cancel them. Moscow achieved the Putin-Aliyev-Sargsyan meeting in Saint Petersburg a month later which was an attempt to cancel the Vienna agenda. That attempt succeeded. Moscow and Baku partly regained their positions after the failure in the April war.

After the revolution in Armenia the new government put forth new approaches, proposals and demands in the result of which the Armenian agenda was eventually accepted. Interestingly, it happened again in Vienna, during the Pashinyan-Aliyev meeting.

After this meeting Aliyev hurried to talk to the Russian TASS Agency, and his interview was but an alert to Moscow. Help arrived soon, and Moscow interfered again, like two years ago, this time organizing the meeting of foreign ministers. However, judging by the synchronous statements by Lavrov and Mammedyarov, the Moscow meeting did not succeed in cancelling the Armenian agenda. They actually let out their intentions, presenting the desirable for the reality. Besides, this time the Western co-chairs of the Minsk Group did not allow a “separate” agreement.

What is the purpose of Lavrov’s statement and the disclosure of the Washington meeting by Mammedyarov? Firstly, Moscow is thereby trying to reduce confidence in the government in Armenia and secondly it is trying to thwart the meeting in Washington, like it formerly thwarted different Western proposals, including the Vienna agenda on recognizing the status quo in Artsakh.

It should be noted that Lavrov’s answer to the question on Mammedyarov’s statement was similar to his statement on Robert Kocharyan referring to an unknown media outlet. In this case, Mammedyarov is used as a “napkin” if need be.

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