The First Scandal of New Armenia: Line Crossed


The National Security Service has charged the head of the State Control Service Davit Sanasaryan. He has signed a non-departure order. The National Security Service has submitted a proposal to the prime minister to suspend Sanasaryan.

This case is the first scandal of new Armenia, and it is at a high political level. The National Security Service should have had serious reasons for charges at such a high level. There are rumors in press that the escalation of the case involving officers of the State Control Service to the level of the head of State Control Service is an intrigue but perhaps it is worth doubting this assumption. At the end of the day, with this the National Security Service crossed a fine line, and its director Artur Vanetsyan should know the border and that it may mean crossing the line when there is no way back. In fact, the charges are not a verdict yet and may not be proven, there may be no need for a trial even but the charges were made, and the charges were made against the head of an organization which reports to the prime minister.

The question occurs whether the director of the National Security Service had a discussion with Prime Minister Pashinyan before charging the head of State Control Service.

For his part, Davit Sanasaryan had hinted to the reporters a few hours before charges that attempts are made to set him against the prime minister. Sanasaryan did not explain what he meant. After the charges he wrote that the charges were concocted. A few weeks ago Sanasaryan had stated with regard to the arrest of two of his officers that other interests are being served. Whose interests are served by NSS, will Davit Sanasaryan utter names?

At the same time, the situation is unusual for the public when two government agencies that directly report to the head of state make accusations against each other, one of them makes criminal charges and the other makes political charges. It is unusual that a high-ranking official is charged with corruption.

In this sense, on the one hand, the revolutionary government ends up in a major scandal and, on the other hand, the government may claim that statements about fight on corruption without any discrimination are totally credible.

However, there is one subtle thing. If Davit Sanasaryan is acquitted, other rumors will start that it was the result of working out the intrigue and closing the issue, not his innocence.

They will talk in any case. The beneficiaries of the scandal are many and they will not allow the government to get away with the scandal. On the other hand, if the government paid attention to it, it would never work towards deep change in Armenia. Hence, the main issue should be managing and regulating the scandal in line with law. The Armenian public in its entirety is unable to perceive the legal processes and the issue of law and justice adequately.

In addition, certain groups representing both the former government and the public that seems modern will, out of different motivations and perceptions, constantly hinder the public from forming a demand for the rule of law and justice in depth, anchored in the set of values, laying the deep foundation for the rule of law and justice.

Hence, the government bears all the responsibility for any outcome to proceed from law and the Constitution. The constitutional culture in Armenia must be formed through not only past, but also present scandals.

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