Incident at Yerevan Airport: Attempt to Deny Entry to Ukrainian MP on Russia’s Request


The Ukrainian member of parliament Mustafa Nayyem visited Yerevan and posted on Facebook about an incident at Zvartnots Airport in Yerevan.

Nayyem tells that he showed his passport at the border but after a long check the border guards informed that the database denies access to him.

Some time later another two officers of the migration service came and explained to him politely that the ban has been requested by a third country.

Nayyem says the ban was requested by the Russian Federation, as part of harmonization of the list of sanctions of Russia and the border guard base in Armenia.

After clarification and interference by the Ukrainian ambassador Nayyem was allowed to enter Armenia and the consular service of Ukraine advised him to keep the embassy informed about his move and after the visit leave for the airport with the ambassador or the consul.

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