Yerevan and Washington Don’t Hurry: What Does Baku Want?


As soon as there is an invitation by the hosting side and a specific timeline, Yerevan will respond, the spokesperson for the MFA Anna Naghdalyan said, commenting on the statement of the American ambassador to Baku about the readiness of the United States to host a meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the possibility is under discussion.

First the Azerbaijani foreign minister announced about Washington’s proposal. It happened on April 15 in Moscow, one or two days after the meeting with the Russian foreign minister and the Minsk Group co-chairs. A few days later Yerevan responded that Armenia speaks about such meetings when they are finalized.

On the eve the American ambassador in Azerbaijan spoke about a possible American initiative in Azerbaijan, and Yerevan again responds and hints that there is no clarity yet.

However, it is not clear whether Washington has talked to Yerevan on this at all or has only talked to Baku.

Yerevan states that there is not a clear proposal and agreement. Is it about a proposal or the content of the discussion which does not satisfy Yerevan and therefore there is no agreement from Yerevan, unlike from Baku?

Or is Baku trying to cheer Washington, counting on other issues and environment, particularly the developments in Venezuela which have intensified on these days? The U.S. President Trump has forecast more new developments this week.

This means that tension will affect the U.S.-Russian relations. Does Azerbaijan hope to benefit from this and “shatter” the consensus that Russia and the United States have over the status quo in Artsakh and which the Russian deputy foreign minister de facto declared in Yerevan weeks ago?

It is not ruled out that after Moscow Baku hurried to Washington because of this. And Yerevan is not in a hurry and, considering that Baku’s proposal has been confirmed by the American ambassador in Azerbaijan and Washington has not confirmed at a higher level, the United States does not hurry either.

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