Achievements in Detecting Money Taken Out of Country: Prosecutor General


Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan presented the 2018 annual report of the Prosecutor General’s Office to the National Assembly.

Artur Davtyan commented on the return of assets taken out of the country. He said that there are already achievements towards detecting assets formerly taken out of the country. “We have results, in the result of international cooperation, as part of our criminal case we have assessed damage caused by outflow. And at this moment the result is that we have been able to block its use,” the prosecutor general said.

He said that the return of assets taken out of the country is first of all a legal process which has specific and general expressions. The specific expression is that damage or the clarification of the so-called movement of stolen amounts becomes a subject of investigation. And when it becomes known that the accused or the suspect has, in the result of stolen amount, real estate, mobile property or bank accounts outside the country, simple rules of criminal procedure are applied to identify their movement, and block their usage.

Later, according to Davtyan, steps will be taken in the direction of restoring damage. “Especially active work is carried out in countries we all know where bank transfers are possible, to activate our connections with our counterparts in those countries,” Davtyan said.

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