It’s Just Dirty Games: Levon Kocharyan


Levon Kocharyan, Robert Kocharyan’s son, told reporters today in answer to the letter of personal recommendation by the current and ex-presidents of Artsakh to release Kocharyan from custody.

“It is not an interference in internal affairs in any way. And the people who are trying to make it look like an interference with another country, those are dirty games. Recommendation is not interference. Why wouldn’t they do it, he’s their friend, you think they should have done nothing?”Levon Kocharyan says.

He said for ten years the policy was to direct the arrows of the March 1 murders at Kocharyan and his team.

“Therefore I am saying they have collected political dividends for so many years from the sorrow of these people. Now what? A year passed, do you see any accusation relating to murder, to orders? Yesterday we heard and saw a lot of things, how the investigation went? What else is needed? Everything is so obvious. And I am happy that now we can hear everything in an open trial. Let everyone see, including the relatives of the victims, why would the president want to kill people? People this is nonsense,” he said.

Levon Kocharyan says nobody is more interested than them to have everything revealed so that people will understand that Kocharyan has nothing to do with everything.

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