I Saw Most of Those Videos on March 7-8: Ex-president on Videos Proving Use of Violence by Demonstrators


During the examination of the case of his custody the second president Robert Kocharyan spoke in court today about videos proving that during the March 1 events the demonstrators used violence and were armed.

“I saw the majority of those videos around March 7-8, Gorik Hakobyan brought them to me. Meanwhile, the investigative body initially denied having such things. Prior to my press conference on March 1 I contacted Gorik Hakobyan and asked what happened. I clarified the information before meeting with journalists. And he said yes, they used weapons, grenades. And he told me about those things. They got off cars, fired at soldiers, then again get in, get out.

After the events when thepress started criticizing that nothing like that happened, he personally fetched and showed them in my office. As well as several other episodes, videos which are not found in any episode. I don’t know where they are. Quite interesting materials, how the grenade explodes, how the army, police captain gets killed. All this was available, now not. An entire criminal case, 3 volumes, the proceedings by the National Security [Service] which was transferred to the Special Investigative Service, is not here. This case has not been attached. I am sure that very many materials were not attached. And when we say that only one person from the National Security Service was questioned, this arouses questions,” the ex-president Kocharyan said.

He said they want the court to enable them to discuss these issues more widely.

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