Ombudsman Makes Statement Following Prime Minister’s Call to Block Courts


The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has made a statement following the prime minister’s call to block the entrances of all the courts of the country.

Arman Tatoyan underlines the importance of guaranteed exercise of state power in line with the Constitution and legislation, based on the checks and balances of the legislative, executive and judicial powers and the duty of each of these branches and their representative officials to respect the others and to be guided by the imperative and limits of the status assigned to them.

He reminds that any interference with the activities of courts and exercise of justice by them is prohibited, and the independence of courts and judges from the legislature and the executive, as well as any other agency or official with a view to ensuring the legal security of the country and the stability of the legal system, and the mission of judges is to uphold basic freedoms, the right to fair trial and other human rights.

The HRD acknowledges the issues in the Armenian judicial system, including the external and internal freedom of courts, the lack of public confidence in courts, fair trial etc. Moreover, he notes, complaints that the HRD’s office receives indicate that some judges damage the reputation of the judicial system with their behavior. This is the consequence of unlearned lessons and former negligence of the problems of this sector, the HRD notes.

Arman Tatoyan defines the prime minister’s call as highly dangerous for the security and stability of the judicial system and calls on the government officials to refrain from calls to block the courts and perform the duties defined by the Constitution, legislation or any other legal act and urges the citizens of Armenia to refrain from actions aimed at blocking the courts with a view to avoiding tension.

Arman Tatoyan states that the HRD’s office will start work early in the morning to monitor all the processes without bias.

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