Decision on Kocharyan’s Release from Custody was Written by Three Judges: Plan Was to Suspend the Case

Armenia has published the note of the judicial expert Artak Galstyan

“I am writingthis specially for all those bodies which are trying to identify the prime minister’s call with toppling constitutional order and to describe it as pressure on justice. In the previous material I mention that with his call the prime minister, on the contrary, restores the constitutional order by liberating the judicial power from the judges – fossils of the criminal regime – and returning it to people.

Now I would like to present the leak from Kocharyan’s defense team. According to the source, the decision on releasing Kocharyan was written by three judges of the Court of Appeals: Vazgen Rshtuni, the chair of the Criminal Court of Appeals, Arshak Vardanyan, judge of the Criminal Court of Appeals, Mkhitar Papoyan, judge of the Criminal Court of Appeals, chair of the disciplinary committee of the General Assembly of Judges. Judge Davit Grigoryan has only read it.

The source leaked other interesting information too. “The aforementioned people first decided to suspend the examination of Kocharyan’s case and send the case to the Constitutional Court for the Constitutional Court to decide whether in the result of Kocharyan’s actions the constitutional order was toppled or not. Had they succeeded, Kocharyan would not remain in custody with the case suspended. The Court of Appeals, headed by Vazgen Rshtuni, on the grounds of a suspended case in the Constitutional Court, would decline the claim of the prosecutor general on changing the measure of preemption of Kocharyan.”

The judicial expert writes that the Constitutional Court, headed by Republican Hrair Tovmasyan, would study the case for a year and conclude that the Constitutional order was not topplied in the result of Kocharyan’s actions, and Robert Kocharyan would be acquitted from the main charge, the coup.

“The same source also noted that Kocharyan and the counsel for the defense were aware of the decision to be made. Moreover, it was discussed with them. Their cards were shuffled when Member of Parliament Haik Sargsyan alerted about the plot and called on people to gather in front of the court of Nor Nork. They did not bring Kocharyan fearing that people would not let him leave the court.

Kocharyan had known about his release before the decision was published evidence to which is the circumstance that according to the same source almost a minute after the publication of the decision in Nor Nork court Robert Kocharyan left without submitting the decision to the penitentiary, in his car parked there beforehand.

Here questions occur to the minister of justice Zeinalyan. I think speaking about interfering with justice or the judicial system is useless. Not only it is missing in Armenia but it must be liberated and recreated. So my advice to those looking for illegality in the prime minister’s actions: if at least 10% of the aforementioned is true, we are dealing with a plot against the state and people of Armenia and not with justice and the prime minister must has to prevent and render harmless, and the entire circle of plotters must be found out. So sit down and wait for developments.”

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