Serzh Sargsyan May Be Invited to April War Ad Hoc Committee Meetings


Member of Parliament Tigran Karapetyan of My Step Alliance, Standing Committee of Defense and Security, told reporters today that former officials may be invited to participate in the meetings of the ad hoc committee to investigate the April war, including Serzh Sargsyan. Today was the first meeting of the investigative committee.

“We are going to discuss all the issues relating to the April war that the society is concerned about. The agenda will be confirmed during today’s meeting,” Tigran Karapetyan said.

In answer to the question whether there will be a need to invite Serzh Sargsyan who was the president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces during the April war, the member of parliament said they have no constraints to invite former or current officials, and if there is a need to invite Serzh Sargsyan, they will invite him too.

Tigran Karapetyan also said that they may also invite officials from Artsakh and will be helped by the members of Artsakh parliament.

“I think our counterparts in Artsakh Republic are also interested to get answers to all our questions relating to the April [war],” he added.

The ad hoc committee has been set up for six months. The chair of the committee is Andranik Kocharyan, the chair of the Standing Committee for Defense and Security.

The committee will study the supplies, ammunition, defense readiness, military duty, recruitment of troops, service of troops, reconnaissance. Assessment of decision making practices of the command on preventing and thwarting enemy’s attacks will be carried out. The committee is entitled to request and get normative and non-normative acts, instructions, official concerns, reports, military council reports etc relating to defense. The committee is entitled to invite government and military officials to its meetings.

“Our main interest should be increase in public confidence in our army. We must be unbiased,” Andranik Kocharyan said.

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