Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Sensational Statement


Today reporters asked Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan whom he meant when he announced that certain forces are involved in a plot and are trying to accuse the Armenian authorities of giving away territories.

“I have talked about this in the electoral rally in Goris. You know where the logic comes from? It was an unprecedented thing, and I had several meetings with the political and military authorities of Armenia and NKR and shared my vision of settlement of the Karabakh issue. And I asked whether there are any comments on my vision, whether they agree or disagree with the vision I propose. And it turned out that everyone agreed. And after that people around this table provoke tacitly that this government is giving away territories, I have a question. I sat down with this guy [means Bako Sahakyan, President of Artsakh – ed.] and had a confidential conversation on the conditions under which we need to move forward. If this guy leaves [the room] and tells his assistant to write on Facebook that Pashinyan is giving away territories. Why is he doing this if he knows for sure what is happening. In addition, when his friend-in-dance [means Serzh Sargsyan, hinting at a photo where the president of Artsakh and the ex-president of Armenia are dancing – ed.] was in government, he did not have any information, they did not even consider informing him what was happening, what they were thinking, what they wanted to do,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The prime minister noted that he had passed the documents on the process of negotiations to the former government of NKR. Before this they were completely unaware of what had been negotiated before. “I asked five times whether he is aware of what had been negotiated, what had been agreed, they did not know. And after this they go and personally write on the social pages of their assistants this anti-national government is giving away territories, why are they doing that,” the prime minister added.

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