Artsakh President Commented on PM Pashinyan’s Statement


In an interview with Artsakhpress and the Azat Artsakh Newspaper, the president of Artsakh commented on Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement on “treacherous forces”. The journalist asked him to comment on the Armenian prime minister’s statement on “treacherous forces” who tell their assistants to post on Facebook that Pashinyan.

He said he had been asked similar questions during his meeting with the members of My Step Alliance and reporters on May 20 and said if there are traitors they will be punished, and if someone knows specific people and proved facts of their treason, let them inform us, and we will undertake relevant steps.

One of our most important achievements is our unity, the president of Artsakh said, hailing any step that will be aimed at shattering it. He noted that if there are doubts, lack of confidence in a person, an official, there should be a mutually respectful discussion to come to terms.

He also commented on the statement by Nikol Pashinyan that the former government of Armenia did not keep the authorities of Artsakh posted on the details of the process of negotiations.

Bako Sahakyan stated that in the first place after taking on the position of prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and he discussed the process of negotiations which he described as honest and principled. He also informed that recently the prime minister of Armenia has handed them documents relating to the negotiations, and in their turn they passed their package of documents relating to the process of negotiations.

President Sahakyan noted that before and after the negotiations with Azerbaijan, both at present and in the past, the government of Armenia informed the government of Artsakh about the issues discussed and recent developments. He noted that the best and perhaps the only possibility to prevent manipulations is the full return of Artsakh to the table of negotiations.

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