Pashinyan Checked Issue of Territories: Zakharova Gave Away the Plan


How can a person occupy their birthplace, where their fathers, grandfathers lived? This was prime minister’s answer to the question of the Azerbaijani journalist on “occupied territories” during his press conference in Saint Petersburg.

Prime Minister Pashinyan first expressed this thought during his press brief after his address to the PACE spring session.

In other words, the prime minister of Armenia states that there are no “occupied territories”, there are territories where generations lived.

Interestingly, he repeats a statement made at one of the European centers in the Russian territory. In addition, during the same press conference Nikol Pashinyan had announced that he expects new ammunition from Russia. Not Iskander because we have a lot of it but also something no smaller. He said that they spoke about this during his meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Apparently, this statement was the reason why the spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry Maria Zakharova tried to post part of Nikol Pashinyan’s speech at the forum in Saint Petersburg, turning it to a subject of mockery. Later, of course, Lavrov’s spokesperson corrected her mistake but it was impossible to hide the “plan”.

Like after the April war when the spokesperson of the same Lavrov expressed dismay over the statue of Garegin Nzhdeh in Armenia. It was in this period that following the April war Lavrov was trying to impose his plan on the Armenian side, and Serzh Sargsyan in Yerevan was asking him “how the April war happened”.

Lavrov disliked this question, and his spokesperson announced that they disliked the statue of Garegin Nzhdeh. It happened after the meeting in Vienna under the American aegis and the American proposal which crossed out Lavrov’s plan altogether.

Then Zakharova complained of Nzhdeh, Saint Petersburg, attacking Armenia ahead of the meeting under the Russian aegis, apparently in order to get the chance to revive the boss’s plan.

It failed, it was impossible to advance Lavrov’s plan but it was possible to push back the agenda of Vienna, and eventually silence it completely in the result of a series of steps.

Instead, the agency headed by Lavrov made an unexpected statement during the police station standoff in Armenia, a month after the meeting in Saint Petersburg, complaining of Europe’s calls for refraining from violence in Armenia while dealing with the crisis. Did Lavrov need blood in Armenia to implement his plan?

The question will occur if Lavrov is acting independently from Putin. Of course, not. However, the head of state gives these concepts, plans, projects suggested by different influential teams in government the form of a political decision. And in these teams, in any government, there is a clash of interests, differing visions and approaches.

In which team is Lavrov? At least, Zakharova witnesses that this is not an Armenia team. This is also evidence that this team has been losing since the April war, and now already since the velvet revolution.

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