Whom will Investigative Committee on April War Ask Questions?


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The investigative committee established in the Armenian parliament to study the circumstances of the April 2016 war began its activities. And immediately there were questions about what aspects of this war would become priorities for the committee? Chairman of the committee Andranik Kocharyan stated that, among other things, the committee on the April war in Karabakh will examine the territorial losses and the nature of the orders given at that time. Their reports will follow. What will be the course of these reports? Perhaps they will become the reason for criminal prosecution.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the investigative committee was created for one purpose: To find out if our armed forces were properly prepared for those developments. In his words: “… but not for punishing someone. Our biggest problem is to ensure that no such situation will ever be repeated.”

These initial statements have already proven that the circumstances of the April war are considered in a very narrow way. Attempts to uncover the causes of these losses solely in the field of combat readiness can lead to false conclusions and in no way guarantee that in the future this situation will not be repeated.

During all these years, the public has been thinking about many other issues. First of all, people are interested in the following questions:

  • Why the statements of the highest officials of Armenia do not correspond to the reality of the battlefield;
  • Why there are so much evidence that the front line has not received assistance from the main divisions;
  • Why did not the army get an order to liberate the positions lost on the first day of the war?
  • Why did the Armenian authorities not apply to the UN Security Council by suggesting condemning Azerbaijan’s aggression, thus giving Azerbaijan a chance to bring up an accusation against Armenia?

There are many other issues that concern, first and foremost, the competence of the political leadership, not the command of the army. The persistent statements made by key government officials during that period that lost positions do not have any strategic significance seem profaned by the fact that Artsakh lost the opportunity to settle Talish village near these positions. Even now, the population can not return to the village, despite the fact that it has been restored. The security of the village is not ensured due to the occupation of the positions by the Azerbaijani army.

There are too many questions to the former political leadership of Armenia, which was obviously acting in favor of Azerbaijan at the time. And if the parliamentary committee created by the new authorities avoids these issues, doubts about its competence and integrity may become imminent.

Let’s hope that such a thing will not happen.

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