Custody of Former Police Official May Trigger Chain of Revelations


The head of the Special Investigative Service Sasun Khachatryan held out hope that the former police official Gegham Petrosyan’s arrest may trigger a chain of revelations. Today Sasun Khachatryan told reporters in parliament that Gegham Petrosyan currently is not giving testimonies. In answer to the question how in that case a chain of revelations is possible, Sasun Khachatryan said: “Nobody was speaking till this moment but we revealed.”

Note that Gegham Petrosyan was charged with murder of Zakar Hovhannisyan, one of the 10 persons killed during the clampdown on March 1.

“The work, as you became convinced, continues intensively. I cannot express an opinion whether there will be arrests or not in the future,” the head of the SIS told reporters.

In answer to the question whether there is possibility that all 10 murders will be revealed, he said: “Of course, there are complications, around 11 years have passed, we know that a lot of evidence has been falsified which objectively complicates our work. However, I have also stated on one occasion that I am optimistic, our service is optimistic, we will do everything possible to reveal all the circumstances of the murders, the case.”

In answer to the question whether there is evidence that Zakar Hovhannisyan was killed with the gun of Gegham Petrosyan, Sasun Khachatryan said: “I don’t want to answer this question out of the interest of the investigation. According to the legislation on criminal procedure, the basis for charging a person is the sufficient combination of evidence. In other words, only in case of presence of this combination is it possible to charge a person and apply to them a measure of prevention.” He added that the court also found that there is a suspicion and grounds for a decision to remand him in custody.

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