Will Robert Kocharyan Be Followed by Serzh Sargsyan? Russian Embassy’s Statement


Yesterday the Russian Embassy in Armenia stated that the Russian ambassador met with the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan during one of his regular meetings with politicians and entrepreneurs.

The day before the information confirmed by the office of the second president on the meeting with Ambassador Kopirkin was seen by the active part of the Armenian public as Russia’s support to Robert Kocharyan’s political plans. If this is true, it means that the Russian Federation supports the opposition to the new Armenian government.

In fact, Moscow hurried to dismiss these conversations, saying that the meeting was not a special one, only one of the ambassador’s regular meetings with the politicians and entrepreneurs.

Did the meeting lack mutual understanding and therefore the embassy issued this clarifying message? Did Moscow suggest something to the second president to which he disagreed or did the second president suggest something or share expectations with Moscow to which Russia disagreed?

Interestingly, along with the clarification of the embassy, the second president refused to answer the questions of reporters about this meeting yesterday in court. Robert Kocharyan was in court for the hearing of the appeals of the prosecutor’s office against his release from custody, as well as the decision to send the case of March 1 to the Constitutional Court.

It is possible, of course, that the statement of the embassy and the reluctance of the second president to answer questions is the visible part and the meeting was mutually effective, therefore they agreed not to highlight it in public to protect from “side viewers”.

In this regard, it is interesting whether the Russian ambassador will meet with Serzh Sargsyan too in the framework of his meetings with politicians and entrepreneurs. Recently, Serzh Sargsyan has appeared in public more frequently though he keeps silent on political issues. After all, when it comes to political activity, Serzh Sargsyan is not behind of Robert Kocharyan. Robert Kocharyan has stated that he will form a powerful opposition union which will challenge the government, and Serzh Sargsyan has stated about the roadmap of reform in the Republican Party. Interestingly, the reforms are supported by the pro-governmental Conrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Or will Russia leave the meeting with Serzh Sargsyan to Germany?

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