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The former director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Ara Vardanyan has responded to President Armen Sarkissian’s statement that Ara Vardanyan’s page must be flipped over.

“You didn’t open Ara Vardanyan’s page and you cannot flip it over. Ara Vardanyan has achieved everything in his life with work. The fact that I was appointed president of the Fund 4 times in a row perhaps means that I worked well. The fact that there was no complaint during 10 years of my directorship perhaps means that I worked well. Whether I made a mistake or not will become known in court. I am not escaping or hindering justice. If I made a mistake, I will be held responsible for it. However, one thing is clear – I have passed a way and I served my homeland day and night, which I am proud of.”

Ara Vardanyan resigned last year, on July 10, after the law enforcement agencies revealed that he used the donations to bet. He is currently charged with misuse of powers by officers of commercial or other organizations under Article 214 of the Criminal Code. He was released on bail.

Time will show what the law enforcement agencies will find.

If I made a mistake, I will be held responsible, Ara Vardanyan is saying now. However, when the scandal happened, Ara Vardanyan publicly admitted his mistake and even apologized for it.

The primary point here is moral responsibility, human and professional qualities, when money donated by the Armenians worldwide is spent on betting. In a country with a more or less normal political regime such officials would resign and shut up for the rest of their lives, even if there is no issue of legal responsibility.

With his Facebook post, however, Ara Vardanyan demonstrates that he was a typical official of the former regime and therefore referring to the satisfaction of the former ones with his performance. And it goes without saying what kind of mores and values led the former system.

Armen Sarkissian is absolutely right and the page must be closed and quickly, and not only Ara Vardanyan’s page but also the page of his favorite system. It is not capable of changing.

“Instead of closing Ara Vardanyan’s page take care of the Constitutional Order in your country to ensure that your closing page is not painful,” Vardanyan concludes. In your country, he writes. In other words, Armenia is not his country which he says he served or was Armenia his country when he had a position.

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