Shall I Put Summons in Frame, Hang It on the Wall?


The leader of the parliamentary group of Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan was asked by reporters to explain why he tore to pieces the summons from the Investigative Committee and did not show up for interrogation.

Gagik Tsarukyan was summoned for his statement on an incident reported during the recent mayoral election in Abovyan town. The car and the door of the apartment owned by the head of one of electoral offices of the opponent of the PAP candidate were set on fire.

“Do you mean if them send me summons, I am supposed to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall? We received the summons, are there any other questions. Would they turn me out if I had gone there without summons? It’s not that I should have put the summons in a frame and hang it beside the paining by Aivazovsky…

I have stated respectively that everyone is equal before the law and must respect the law fully, and I want to say one thing to all reporters and the public that according to Article 96 of the Constitution of Armenia, a member of parliament is not prosecuted or held responsible for expressing their opinion. This was disrespect for Tsarukyan first of all. I am saying again that according to Article 96 of the Constitution of Armenia they had no right to summon me but they summoned, at least I respected, sent through my advocate,” Tsarukyan said.

In answer to the question whether he thinks this is prosecution, Tsarukyan said: “As I said, Article 96. And as a member of parliament, I was summoned, and respected the law, you can call the investigative [committee], my advocate respectively, as I told you in the interview that it is my opinion, for the opinion the paper has been submitted there. There is no need to go, what was needed, I through my advocate the paper was signed, sent,” he said.

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