Constitutional Court Made a Statement


On June 28 the Constitutional Court of Armenia published a statement, referring to the recent developments and discussions relating to the Constitutional Court. The statement consists of five points.

The statement describes the majority of opinions on the Constitutional Court as political, therefore they do not respond to them, considering that “the duty of the Constitutional Court is to retain political restraint and neutrality in public speeches and in any other circumstance.”

The statement of the Constitutional Court insists that private opinions, unique interpretations of the Constitution cannot result in legal consequences for the Constitutional Court.

The exclusive authority of the Constitutional Court is to give a final interpretation of Constitutional norms, and it can be done as part of a specific case.

“Considering that the legal inquiries on the Constitution and the Constitutional Court, according to the constitutional law, may become subject of examination by the Constitutional Court, we refrain from expressing a public opinion on those inquiries,” the statement holds.

The statement concludes that Constitutional Court works and will work normally, in line with the Constitution and ensuring the rule of Constitution.

The statement has been signed by the chair of the Constitutional Court Hrair Tovmasyan, members of the Constitutional Court A. Gyulumyan, A. Dilanyan, F. Tokhyan, A. Tunyan, A. Khachatryan, H. Nazaryan, A. Petrosyan.

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