Three Possible Causes of Power Outages in Armenia


The deputy minister of territorial administration and infrastructures Hakob Vardanyan held a press conference following the major energy emergency in Armenia at midday, on July 10.

Hakob Vardanyan mentioned three possible causes: a problem in Yerevan TPP which affected the entire system, a problem in Hrazdan fifth generating unit which affected the entire system and a fluctuation in the Iranian energy system which affected the system in Armenia because at that moment the systems were connected, and electricity was exported to Iran.

The deputy minister said the version of emergency caused by the Iranian system is possible because the Iranian system has confirmed the fluctuation in their system. Vardanyan says the energy system of Armenia is very small compared to that of Iran, and the emergency here could not be felt in Iran. In all cases, according to the deputy minister, the cause of the fluctuation and emergency in the Armenian energy system can be identified only after a holistic study.

Hakob Vardanyan informed that 70% of power supply was restored as of 4 pm, after the emergency the other generating units which had been disconnected from the system, including Sevan-Hrazdan Hydrocascade, were operated after the stoppage. The thermal power plants of Hrazdan and Yerevan were fully operated within two hours and shortly power supply was restored all over the country.

The deputy minister thanked the specialists who were able to prevent the system from dropping to zero and appreciated their professionalism which allowed to prevent a blackout. In this context, he mentioned the blackout in Azerbaijan where the system dropped to zero and there was no power supply for several days.

The emergency in Azerbaijan was caused by the stoppage of Mingechaur Water Power Plant, thwarting a major military exercise. Baku had no power supply.

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