Hrair Tovmasyan Escalated the Situation: Prime Minister’s Decision


The decision of the Constitutional Court to examine the case of Robert Kocharyan’s immunity escalates the part of the domestic situation that occurred around the Constitutional Court. In the long run, an interesting situation has occurred. On the one hand, there is a deadlock. On the other hand, there is escalation caused by the decision of the Constitutional Court.

After Vahe Grigoryan stated during his inauguration that he is going to the Constitutional Court to assume the position of chair of the Constitutional Court, it seemed that the chair of the Constitutional Court Hrair Tovmasyan was doomed. Meanwhile, Hrair Tovmasyan has appointed the day when Robert Kocharyan’s case will be examined, on August 20, and Vahe Grigoryan has not received any practical response to his letters to the government, presdient and parliament. The letter was about the crisis and offered several options for its denouement.

Indeed, here is an ambiguous situation: on the one hand, there is a standoff, on the other hand, there is an escalated conflict. Apparently, everyone is waiting for Nikol Pashinyan to make a decision. Does Pashinyan have a decision but has taken a pause or was this turn of events unexpected for him? It is hard to tell.

And, for example, is the situation unexpected for Vahe Grigoryan whose statement gave a surprise to everyone except the prime minister? When he announced that he was going to the Constitutional Court to take on the position of chair, had he consulted the prime minister, had the prime minister told him to go and do or did he add in the end “if you can”?

Or has Vahe Grigoryan achieved his goal by causing this ambiguity or debate, even though part of the lawyers think that there is no matter of debate as such.

Obviously, at least a manageable crisis has been caused but the purpose is not visible. It is possible that over this time issues not related with the Constitutional Court have been resolved? That they exist and were part of the process was clearly indicated in Nikol Pashinyan’s speech on May 20.

It is another issue how the issue of the Constitutional Court will be closed after the political, possibly also external issues not related to the Constitutional Court directly were resolved once the issue of the Constitutional Court was opened.

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