Cancelled Putin, Rowhani, Aliyev Meeting and PM Pashinyan’s Proposal


The presidents of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan were to meet in Sochi on August 14 to discuss joint projects. However, yesterday the spokesperson for the Russian president Dmitri Peskov said the meeting has been put off due to technical reasons.

The same day it became known that Iran is against the layout of gas pipeline under the Caspian Sea because of its serious implications for the environment, as announced by the spokesperson for the national gas company of Iran Behruz Namdari.

Earlier Russia had said against the layout of the gas pipeline at the bottom of the Caspian. The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko stated that the interests of protection of the environment of the Caspian Sea prevails over any economic project on paper.

After these statements Aliyev need not go to Sochi where he would have to admit that the pipelines in which he has already invested billions of dollars are meaningless. If no pipeline is laid out from Turkmenistan across the Caspian, Azerbaijan will not be able to fill the pipeline built across Turkey.

The Azerbaijani pipeline running to Europe across Turkey that the West encourages without wanting that obviously contradicts the interests of Iran and Russia. It is not in line with the interests of other countries, and it is possible that they support these projects to “waste” Azerbaijan’s investments, like in the case of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway which has not been commissioned yet.

The cancelled meeting of Putin, Rowhani and Aliyev is significant in the light of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s proposal. He has invited the Iranian president to Yerevan on 1 October 2019 to attend the EAEU summit.

Interestingly, Turkey has refused flights to Nakhijevan via Armenia and Iran, as the head of the Turkish Air Space Service Hüseyin Keskin announced, reported.

According to him, starting from August 15 the flights will be operated along a narrow corridor connecting Turkey with Azerbaijan. The width of this corridor is 13 km.

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