Outrageous Statement by Kocharyan’s Defender


Hovhannes Khudoyan, the barrister of the second president Robert Kocharyan, commented on bringing troops from Artsakh military units to Yerevan following the presidential election in 2008. He said the troops were brought from the liberated territories where the military units are part of the armed forces of Armenia.

The reporter asked whether he does not consider the liberated territories part of Artsakh Republic. The barrister said: “These territories cannot be considered part of Artsakh Republic a priori.”

Khudoyan repeated Kocharyan’s claim that no serviceman of the armed forces of Nagorno-Karabakh came to the Republic of Armenia.

Let’s leave aside that the deputy minister of defense of Artsakh then Samvel Karapetyan (Oganovski) said quite the contrary in his testimony. The point is about something else. There can be no complaints addressed to the lawyers as to who they are defending. However, in order to justify his client at any price, the barrister stepped from the legal to another platform, putting at stake the political positions of the two Armenian states.

Moreover, the lawyer made a statement which questioned whether these territories belong to Artsakh whereas the Constitution of Artsakh defines the current border.

Of course, the lawyer may excuse himself, saying that he presented Mr. Kocharyan’s position on the borders and territories of Artsakh.

What else are Kocharyan and his lawyer ready for?

Will official Stepanakert respond to these mildly speaking outrageous, in reality anti-national statements?

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