Russia Refused to Extradite Armenian Official Charged with Corruption


The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has refused the motion of the Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office to extradite Mihran Poghosyan, the ex-head of the Service for Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts. Mihran Poghosyan is charged with a corruption case, referring to the provisions of Article 19 of the 22 January 1993 Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations on Civil, Family and Criminal Cases, the spokesperson for the Prosecutor General’s Office Arevik Khachatryan posted on Facebook.

Arevik Khachatryan stated that the aforementioned article lists the grounds for full or partial refusal of requests for legal assistance if such assistance may harm the sovereignty or security of the party considering extradition or violate its legislation. The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has not provided specific information on the grounds for refusal of the request of the Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office therefore the latter has requested their Russian counterpart to provide explanation on the reasons for refusal.

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