Armenian Armed Forces Advanced in Tavush Region


The Armenian Armed Forces have taken under their control objects of strategic importance, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan told, commenting on recent press publications that the Armenian armed forces have occupied a new boundary in the north of Tavush, taking under control the gas pipeline between Georgia and Armenia and the Armenia-Georgia road.

Earlier Artur Yeghiazaryan, a military expert, had posted on Facebook that the Armenian Armed Forces have been able to liberate more than 140 hectares of land, and in the result of this the Azerbaijan-Georgia road, the Azerbaijani village of Ikinji Shikli and the farms and fields of the village appeared under the direct scrutiny of the elevated positions of the Armenian forces.

It has been a long time the Azerbaijani media reported “achievements” by their border guards. However this information already causes doubts in Azerbaijan because it turns out that the Azerbaijani forces are moving within their territory.

The deputy minister of defense Gabriel Balayan has responded to these rumors saying: “The policy of the MoD is as follows – to prevent the enemy from gaining positional advantage. We have achievements in all our border areas thanks to intensive engineering works.”

At the same time, he said that the Armenian side does not speak about this loudly but if Baku continues misinforming, the Armenian side may publish information which will not please them.

For his part, Artsrun Hovhannisyan called on the Armenian media not to swallow Baku’s propaganda baits and thereby contribute to that propaganda, which is a problem, especially in the online media. He said the Armenian side does not inform about its achievements not to put the military under the blow.

Engineering works at the line of contact are an ongoing process which has intensified after Dushanbe agreements. In the direction of Tavush Azerbaijan has replaced the army with border guards. For its part, Armenian internal forces perform duty here. It seems that in some sense “demarcation” of the border is underway and the Armenian side successfully fulfills the process of obtaining preferable positions.

According to Artur Yeghiazaryan, the Azerbaijani forces have occupied a small Georgian territory which has caused a huge scandal in the Georgian press.

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