EEU Member States Should Get Used That Prime Minister Represents Armenia: Deputy Foreign Minister


The deputy minister of foreign affairs Shavarsh Kocharyan repeats that Russia has discriminative attitude to Armenia with regard to the issue of the Armenian driving licenses. He says everything is clear when the restriction is applied to only Armenia of all the EEU member states.

“They explain this by the language status. Simply there has been a lot of conversation on this, there were justifications that the status of the language and a person’s proficiency are different things. In other words, the language may have a different status but that specific person may not speak it or vice versa. In addition, in Armenia the Russian language is a mandatory subject at school. Just like the Armenian language, math. We do not have problems from this point of view,” he said, adding that the Armenian side has all the arguments and is working in that direction.

In answer to the question whether there is a regress in the Armenian-Russian relations, Shavarsh Kocharyan said: “These relations have so many aspects and layers that one cannot judge by separate episodes. After the revolution it is clear that this is not something Russia was going to welcome. For the simple reason that the structure of the state has changed, parliamentary… Look why I was presenting, they must already get used to the prime minister being the highest level. They used to think differently, that it was the president. It takes time. For those who are used to having the president represent the country, they are now getting used to the contrary.”

Shavarsh Kocharyan also commented on the rumors that the Russian president may not arrive in Armenia in October. “The decision that the session of the EEU Supreme Council will be held in Armenia on October 1 was made by the heads of all member states, including Russia. This is not the case that we invited and he would accept or decline. Coming or not coming is an artificial discussion in the press. For what?” Shavarsh Kocharyan said.

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