Aircraft rescue and firefighting service has been equipped with another new Oshkosh Striker-3000 ARFF apparatus


As a result of investments in modernization of “Zvartnots” International Airport’s equipment and facilities of Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) service, the service has been equipped with another new, meeting the highest international standards Oshkosh Striker-3000 ARFF apparatus made in America.

This one also, as another apparatus of the service, is made for aircraft firefighting operations and as such is provided with three different fire extinguishers: water, foam and dry chemical extinguishing agent. The truck is able to carry more than 11 tones of water, more than 1.5 tones of foam concentrate and 250 kg of dry chemical extinguishing agent. The pump efficiency of the truck is 125 liters of water per second.

The service is also supplemented by American high-quality uniforms, meeting international standards.

We would also like to mention, that the airport ARFF service should reach the incident scene within 3 minutes, when due.

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