Artsakh Has Been Recognized, New Stage Starts


On October 11 the international congress of the friends of Artsakh organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation announced about the creation of Pro Artsakh International Network the purpose of which is to enhance the international recognition of Artsakh.

An important practical step is taken to achieve recognition of Artsakh as an international subject, which is essential in the context of the security strategy of the Armenian state. This state is currently guided by the “bi-subject” tactics, considering the existing state of things, which enables a more flexible all-Armenian strategy.

T international network of the friends of Artsakh is announced in a significant cycle. In the long run, Artsakh is not only an Armenian security issue. Artsakh is one of the international spot of security and in this sense a format of multisector communication network is established which will definitely boost the possibility for operative communication in the current active stage in a situation when the format of official contacts will be somehow limited or restrained.

In this sense, the Pro Artsakh Network will not be limited to pure lobby. Moreover, the cause and effect line must be looked at in the opposite direction as well. The establishment of the network reflects a certain level of international recognition of Artsakh which allows putting the process into a format, even though an informal one.

Hence, the creation of an Artsakh-global community working format has been announced in Stepanakert.

In the sense of its outcome the recognition of Artsakh is already a relative issue and the more practical issue is what kind of sectoral partnership the Pro Artsakh Network can set up between Artsakh and different international platforms. In other words, although from the point of view of international law Artsakh remains an unrecognized country with its side effects, in terms of actual politics the international congress in Artsakh offers a new context and focus.

It is no longer the international recognition of Artsakh but the mutually useful international accomplishment of Artsakh.

In this context, one should highlight the message in the speech of the foreign minister of Artsakh in the congress that it is time to ensure that people living in Artsakh stop feeling the impact of the conflict on their lives globally.

And the Armenian deputy foreign minister stated in Stepanakert that the self-determination of Artsakh is impeccable and is in line with the UN Charter.

In other words, Artsakh no longer needs to prove anything to the world, and from the point of view of the actual international security system and civilization it is not efficient to have such expectations from Artsakh. This is, in fact, a waste of international security instead of mutual strengthening of this security in a complex manner, through a process for a mutually useful international accomplishment of Artsakh.

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