Turkish Invasion: U.S. Strengthening Armenian Border


On October 3, the ceremony of handover of border security equipment to the National Security Service border guards by the U.S. government took place. The U.S. Ambassador Lynn Tracy commended the developing partnership between Armenia and the United States aimed at enhancing the regional potential to respond to challenges facing Armenia and the world.

A few days later, on October 8, the Congress representatives Jackie Speier and Judy Choo visited Artsakh and announced that their purpose is to study the conditions for provision of surveillance equipment for the line of contact. In fact, this is the Vienna agenda proposed by the United States after the April war and it is possible that the attempts to cancel this agenda by the other Minsk Group co-chair forced the United States to undertake a “single-handed” action. Although, one stage of it has already been implemented. After the April war the Armenian side reinforced the line of contact with American equipment.

In fact, the United States is strengthening control on the Armenian side along the length of the border with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Interestingly, this overlapped with the Turkish invasion in Syria which definitely had the quiet or overt approval of the United States and Russia. At the same time, immediately after the invasion the United States started threatening Turkey with sanctions as soon as the Turkish troops shelled the location of the American unit. Interestingly, on the same day, according to the mass media, a bomb attack on the Russian military motorcade was preparing in the south of Syria.

The leading EU member states have condemned the Turkish invasion, several countries have announced to stop supplying weapons to Turkey. There were several other condemning statements by other countries. Azerbaijan has supported Turkey.

The global media reported civilian deaths, killings of journalists. Obviously, a certain international image of Turkey is being formed which is, on the one hand, that of an aggressor, and on the other hand, an inhuman one.

Obviously, a broad and multi-layer international policy is being formed around the Turkish invasion. This occasion will be used to solve certain problems.

In this context, the unprecedented international congress of the friends of Artsakh organized by the Artsakh foreign ministry and the ARF took place in Stepanakert which was attended by members of parliament and politicians of different countries. The creation of the Pro Artsakh international network of the friends of Artsakh was declared the purpose of which was to enhance the international recognition of Artsakh.

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