Dilijan Day on the Sidelines of Aurora Forum


On October 18 Dilijan to host educational, cultural and humanitarianism events

 On October 18, Dilijan, where IDeA Foundation implements numerous cultural, educational tourism development projects, will host events on the sidelines of Aurora Forum.

Conferences, roundtable discussions, educational and cultural events, concerts and UWC Dilijan’s 5th anniversary celebrations will be held in the town, bringing together the entire community and the guests of UWC Dilijan International College.

The day will start with “Humanitarianism in Education” Conference with its Young Aurora and Aurora Dialogues discussions to be held at UWC Dilijan founded in 2014 as part of vision for Dilijan development.

Celebrations dedicated to the 5th anniversary of UWC Dilijan International College will consist of a number of engaging activities in various locations on campus. The Atrium of the College will be turned into a community fair to share community programs, and offer local crafts and produce. The guests will have an opportunity to get acquainted with UWC Dilijan students, learn about the initiatives and programs in Dilijan and other communities, buy souvenirs and enjoy the anniversary concert in the evening.

On the same day UWC Dilijan International College will host the European Cultural Parliament’s”Humanitarianism-Culture-Education” 2019 Conference. The Aurora Forum guests will also attend the concert by the Cyrill Demian Association dedicated to celebrating the 475 years of Dilijan.

Alongside Dilijan’s anniversary events the anointment ceremony of 16 cornerstones of Dilijan church to-be-built will take place in the city, a significant happening for the residents of Dilijan.

The church construction is carried out within the frames of the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA)Foundation’s Dilijan development project. According to the plan the new church will be located on the bank of the Aghstev River, aimed at developing the city infrastructure and becoming the beating heart of Dilijan.

For over half a century Dilijan has not had its own church. Religious ministries are performed at the Old Dilijan Hotel Complex. The construction of the new church will enable more than 300 people to attend liturgies in Dilijan.

The church will become yet another successfully implemented project by IDeA Foundation, including UWC Dilijan, town community center, renovated city park, a center for arts and crafts (MADE), as well as Tourism Information Center.


About Aurora Forum

The Aurora Forum is a unique and aspirational forum developed to fulfill humanity’s collective potential and to drive positive action across some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian, technological, scientific, educational, and social challenges.

The Forum will feature activities and discussions and will convene thought leaders and change-makers from across the world to share knowledge, perspective and ideas, which together can deliver practical action and change. The Forum will be held in Armenia from October 14 to 21, 2019. The Aurora Forum’s far-reaching agenda will be driven by partner institutions with a shared commitment to address global challenges and local development. These include: Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation,Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)Aurora Humanitarian InitiativeScholae Mundi Global Educational PlatformUnited World Colleges (UWC) international college in Dilijan, Armenia, and Ameriabank.

The 2019 Aurora Forum coincides with a special moment in Armenia’s history. Last year’s non-violent transition of political power put Armenia in a global spotlight by demonstrating how a nation with an educated workforce and commitment to peaceful means can push for a national change.

The Aurora Forum was co-founded by Vartan Gregorian, Noubar Afeyan and Ruben Vardanyan with the aspiration to become a major arena for global citizens to serve as drivers of change. The Forum is supported by a network of more than 150 Goodwill Ambassadors, a group of global leaders from a broad range of fields including politics, academia, business, entertainment and art, with a shared commitment to tackling some of the most pressing global challenges facing current and future generations.

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