Events Dedicated to Komitas’ 150th Anniversary: “Aurora” Forum was Summed up in Tatev


On October 21 tourists, “Aurora” forum guests and inhabitants of the neighboring communities took part in spiritual, educational and cultural festivities held in Tatev monastery complex.

The eventful week of “Aurora” Forum was summed up in one of the most mysterious places in Armenia, 9th century Tatev monastery.

The events held in the monastic complex, being under restoration since 2008 by the IDeA foundation, presented the 150-year-old rich traditions of the Armenian national music school and honoring Komitas, the prominent Armenian composer, teacher, conductor and founder of the Armenian national school of composing.

An exclusive exhibition titled “Komitas: the roads of the genius” was held in Dzithan, which included photos of Komitas in the Caucasus, Europe, the Ottoman Empire and Egypt in different years and textual material about his activity in those places.

The visitors had a chance to listen to the Teacher’s works performed by the string quartet after Komitas.

“It is symbolic that this exhibition was held in Tatev monastic complex, which was home for one of the significant spiritual, educational and cultural centers of Armenia for centuries. Komitas was also a great teacher and educator who spread his knowledge and skills in different parts of the world,” says Hayk Demoyan, PhD in history, curator of the exhibition.

An exhibition of the works of artists and sculptors originally from Syunik was held in the museum section of Tatev monastic complex where restoration has recently been completed on the sidelines of IDeA foundation’s “Revival of Tatev” project. Through paintings and sculptures the artists expressed their infinite love for the homeland.

“This exhibition stands slightly aside from the theme of the day. Today we honor Komitas, who reflects our past, our roots, and is the cornerstone upon which our spiritual present is being built. Thanks to “Revival of Tatev” project the monastery regains its previous look and significance,” says sculptor Manvel Matevosyan.

The participants think the events testify that Tatev, being one of the renowned religious, cultural and educational centers of medieval Armenia regains its respective features.

Along with the exhibitions historical exhibits of the monastic complex were presented, some of which were discovered during restoration and construction work underway since2008. Cross- stones, plates, candlesticks, ritual ornaments, fireplace parts, 18th-century plaques with inscriptions, the ancient key of the monastery door, and the historical bell of the monastery of 1304. The exhibits also included duplicates of 4 historical manuscripts of Matenadaran.

In St. Paul-Peter church at Tatev monastic complex, “Hover” choir performed excerpts from Komitas’ “Liturgy”, considered his masterpiece.

“Komitas carried out the work of a whole institute. He listened to the peculiarity of the music of the Armenian land, compiled, studied, performed and passed down to us. Our mission is to realize the value of his legacy. Our mission is to make him heard. That mission is a reward,” says Sona Hovhannisyan, artistic director of “Hover” state chamber choir.


About “Tatev Revival” program 

The main goal of Tatev Revival is the restoration of Tatev Monastery. Included in this objective is the creation of infrastructure around the monastery while respecting its cultural, historical and spiritual significance, as well as the concurrent development of local communities.


About Aurora Forum

The Aurora Forum is a unique and aspirational forum developed to fulfill humanity’s collective potential and to drive positive action across some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian, technological, scientific, educational, and social challenges.

The Forum will feature activities and discussions and will convene thought leaders and change-makers from across the world to share knowledge, perspective and ideas, which together can deliver practical action and change. The Forum will be held in Armenia from October 14 to 21, 2019. The Aurora Forum’s far-reaching agenda will be driven by partner institutions with a shared commitment to address global challenges and local development. These include: Initiatives for Development of Armenia Foundation (IDeA)Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)Aurora Humanitarian InitiativeScholae Mundi Global Educational Platform, the United World Colleges (UWC) international college in Dilijan, Armenia, and Ameriabank.

The 2019 Aurora Forum coincides with a special moment in Armenia’s history. Last year’s non-violent transition of political power put Armenia in a global spotlight by demonstrating how a nation with an educated workforce and commitment to peaceful means can push for a national change.

The Aurora Forum was co-founded by Vartan Gregorian, NoubarAfeyan and Ruben Vardanyan with the aspiration to become a major arena for global citizens to serve as drivers of change. The Forum is supported by a network of more than 150 Goodwill Ambassadors, a group of global leaders from a broad range of fields including politics, academia, business, entertainment and art, with a shared commitment to tackling some of the most pressing global challenges facing current and future generations.

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