Aliyev Alerts Estrangement of Nakhijevan


The summit of the Turkic-speaking states held last week in Baku attracted a lot of attention in the Armenian circles due to Aliyev’s statements on Zangezour. Aliyev announced that Zangezour divides the Turkic world.

This is not the first such ambitious statement on Zangezour by the Azerbaijani president. He has also mentioned Yerevan before. Of course this does not mean that Aliyev’s statements should be ignored. The point is that this is not something new for Armenia and the Armenians, and even if Aliyev keeps silent, Armenia and the Armenians must keep in mind that Zangezour and generally the Armenian state will constantly be targeted by the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem. Hence, there is an issue of strategic assessment of challenges to security of the state which is not a new challenge to Armenia, it is something persistent.

However, if the situation is observed layer by layer, it is worth looking at some circumstances. It is notable that the Azerbaijani president spoke about the separation of Nakhijevan from Azerbaijan by Zangezour. At first sight, apart from the circumstance of targeting Syunik one should notice Aliyev’s concern about Nakhijevan.

The Azerbaijani president underlines that Nakhijevan is cut from “mother Azerbaijan” while Nakhijevan seems to be rather “reliably” connected with “father Turkey”.

However, this is what one notices in the statements of the Azerbaijani president with a transparent concern between the lines. In fact, Aliyev states or underlines that Nakhijevan no longer belongs to Azerbaijan. It belongs to Turkey. And though it seems that the point is about a reliable “elder brother”, Erdogan who has entered into a geopolitical game which cannot be stopped, on the one hand, and on the other hand, going forward makes things worse, may eventually opt for an agreement on Nakhijevan that may give Baku an unpleasant surprise.

Armenia should be cautious, also with regards to Nakhijevan, but not only in order to face challenges but also not to miss opportunities.

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