The U.S. House of Representative adopted the Armenian Genocide resolution


The Armenian Genocide resolution, H.Res.296, was adopted today by an overwhelming favorable bipartisan vote of 405 to 11 in the U.S. House of Representatives, reported the Armenian Assembly of America.

“The passage of H.Res. 296 by the House of Representatives reflects the best of America. It honors a proud chapter in U.S. history of humanitarian intervention. It recalls the extraordinary contributions of America’s front-line diplomats, philanthropic leaders and relief workers in helping save a people from annihilation,” stated Armenian Assembly of America Executive Director Bryan Ardouny.

“Today’s watershed vote for human rights represents the culmination of decades of tireless work by Members of Congress, the Armenian Assembly of America and the Armenian American community from across the country. The purpose of this resolution is crystal clear. It formally acknowledges the Armenian Genocide. It condemns genocide denial in any form. It encourages human rights education to help prevent future genocides,” Ardouny added.

The Armenian Assembly of America has worked vigorously since the 1970s to combat the dangers of genocide denial and fully supports affirmation of the U.S. record on the Armenian Genocide.

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