Vote to Armenian Genocide in Congress Scheduled on Turkish Republic Day


Cautiousness and lack of confidence in Armenia towards the vote to the resolution on the Armenian genocide in the U.S. Congress is comprehensible. The issue of recognition of the genocide has been small change in the hands of politicians for years. Every time the resolution was put to vote, the Armenian people was waiting for a miracle. And every time they got disappointed, facing a different direction.

On October 29 the resolution on the Armenian genocide will be put to vote in the Congress. In 1975 the Congress voted for the revolution and in 1984 the Congress declined it. In the following years the resolution was not put to vote, though the Congress committees approved the draft resolution three times, last time in 2010.

October 29 is the day of the Turkish republic. The date of the Armenian genocide was not chosen accidentally. The Turkish republic was established in 1923, by Kemal Ataturk, on the lands where the Armenians, Greeks, other peoples lived for millennia. Scheduling the vote on the Armenian genocide on the same day is symbolic. The Turkish Republic was built on the property of the people who underwent genocide and expatriation. The treaty of Lausanne is the proof. According to this treaty, the Turkish state has no right to possess the nationalized property of the Armenians who left Turkey.

The draft resolution was supported by Anti-Defamation League. The vote to the resolution may fail again but will demonstrate against the vulnerability of the Turkish republic which can be shattered with a single resolution.

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